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About me -

I had a camera from a very early age and seem to recall pushing myself to the limit with my first project. Photographing a Scalextric car whizzing around the track isn't easy with an instamatic camera, especially when you're controlling the car with the other hand!

In 1988 I took on my first commercial photography role and worked photographing houses for estate agents. Using my improving skills to try out new areas, I moved into portrait and then wedding photography.

My career path took me down a different route for some years, but I continued to broaden my skill base in my spare time, improving on the kit I used and learning from others.

25 years down the line, I now run a fast growing business offering a wide range of photographic services and you will see from my website that I have a diverse skill set and no two weeks are the same in my life any more.

This wealth of experience in different aspects of photography gives me an edge in each area I work in, as I can look at everything from a different slant, making my work stand out from the crowd.

For wildlife photography work you need patience, timing, an acute eye for detail, and awareness of what is around the subject. This shows not only in the images I produce of birds and animals, but in my portrait and product photography.

I have a studio at Hatton Country World near Warwick, which keeps me busy with family portraits, portfolio work, product photography and pets.

I had a successfully career for many years in a sales environment, working with people from all walks of life. It's probably why I enjoy photographing Weddings and covering exhibitions and conferences so much, it gives me a chance to meet new people.

Take a good look at my website and don't miss the 'Wild Images' link, it's a website all on it's own and well worth a browse.

So I'll round up by saying, whatever your photographic needs are, please do get in touch, I'll only be too glad to help.


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